$ 150.00

You have so many ideas, but you don't know how, or WHAT to execute. You aren't sure what direction to head in, so you don't go anywhere. You want to live with purpose and impact the world for good, but your distracted and don't know where to start. 

If this sounds like you, let's chat. 

Every mentor session comes with:

• A Three-Part Empowering Worksheet:

• Part 1: Reflecting on where you're currently at in your life and / or in your business. This part is for you to do on your own. 
• Part 2: With your mentor. Part 2 of the worksheet is for you to reflect and talk through your answers with a qualified Yellow team member (see below). Talking through your answers, and helping you find clarity and purpose in your business and / or life.
• Part 3: Setting deadlines. Here's where you put a date on the calendar and get to work. This is where the magic happens.
• A Skype session with a qualified team member:
• We LOVE LOVE LOVE helping creative women like you do more of what makes you come alive. In this session we'll sit down over a digital cup of coffee and chat with you about your worksheet answers, and give you honest, not-fluffy (but still kind) feedback on how you can gain clarity and begin heading in the right direction.
• One follow up email from us:
• We want to make sure you're on the right track and if you have any last minute questions or just need a dash of encouragement, we're here. 
Walk away with deadlines and tangible, actionable steps for you to put into practice. You have what it takes, you may just need a bit of direction from an outside perspective. We got chu.